Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Last Meet!

I gathered all my strength
And then I looked up,
She was walking away,
Today, she gave up!

She shan't be accused,
Nor a finger shall be raised,
None, but me should cry,
Nor any should be amazed.

For it wasn't a thing of wonder
That she had chosen the other way,
She wasn't disloyal in love,
Like others might say.

She had her reasons to leave;
I had mine to love her more,
For I had seen tears in her eyes
and heard her voice so sore.

She hadn't looked at me even once,
When she told me how it should be;
That she loved me the most of all,
But has to live without me.

Only once after that had I felt her gaze,
When I stood there looking down,
And then she turned and walked away
And I stood indifferent, without a frown.

I looked after her and all I could see,
Was a figure going away, blurred.
Yes, those were tears in my eyes,
For today, the heart was stirred.

I stood there crushed, and broken in love,
For what else could I have done?
Maybe if I held her and asked her to stop,
Just maybe, she wouldn't have gone!