Saturday, December 24, 2011

I am Alive

I lay there among the deads,
Defeated in the battlefield of life,
To this, the Devil above me had led,
I could see the grim drawing nigh.
I thought of all the love with which I was bred,
And then closed my eyes with a final sigh,
For I was about to have a death so great,
Yet I had no smile; and I did not cry.
I was the grave of all I had met,
And I am one among the rest with whom I lie,
They shall praise me; and respectful words for me, shall be said,
But I was humbly a human; and so shall I die,
And thus was I Dead.

I could feel no pain anymore,
But could hear the silence roar;
Among which I heard a footstep far,
Calling my name with a voice so sore,
It came near, and nearer more,
Until I could feel a kiss on my fore.

It was her touch that had given me breaths,
Her kiss that had opened my eyes,
Her tears had made me defy death,
And thus was back within me, life.
And that is how, I live.
That is how; I AM ALIVE!