Friday, August 19, 2011

The Dream

The day when I met you was so divine,
When I had you in my arms; like you were mine,
The heaven would be dimmed if I compared,
For my eyes could see you, so close, so fine!
The moment was that of an eternal rest,
When you lay there a moment, on my breast,
For I had you in my arms; and was lost in your eyes,
Searching myself in them; was like a quest!
The moments in your arms that I have spent,
Were lovely and the leave; I stil repent,
For I long for the company of my love,
And my heart, towards u, still more bent!
For I had found peace like I had never found,
In your arms, and not in this world, so wide and round,
In the world so full of miseries and griefs,
Your arms seemed the safest, most sound!
I've had u like a dream, and so much more,
Where I had loved you, felt you, and much adored,
You had been my life for the time, and just for the time,
For, now you aren't my life.. you're so much more!