Friday, July 15, 2011

The Proposal

There she was standing, right in front of me,
As awesome as one can ever be,
Shining like an eclipsed sun on a beautiful day,
My Natasha was there, just a few steps away..

I walked to her with a smile,
And the distance seemed more than a mile,
Finally, there I was, right before her standing,
Trying to speak but couldn't, for my heart was swiftly beating..

I gathered my breathe and finally made my move,
And spoke out the heart that was contained of her love,
To my surprise, she was still there, her gaze hard on me,
I felt it, but looked down and counted till three..

I looked up finally, and she looked me right in the eyes,
And I bet she knew what I spoke were not more lies,
I could not help but stand right there, so still as a stone,
And in a moment I realized, that I was left all alone..

She had turned without a word, and walked right away,
And the eclipse had darkened my beautiful day,
I stood there in emptines that crept in at once,
When she came out of thin air and hugged me at once..

Natasha was there, in my arms right then,
And I was the happiest I could have ever been,
She didn't answer my proposal, nor I wanted her to,
For she was there in my arms, and I knew she loved me too..