Monday, May 23, 2011

Ask me...

Ask me if I like you, and I'll say maybe I do,
You'll trust me not knowing that it isn't true.
For it isn't no liking that I have for you,
Its sheer love, that I always feel for you.

Ask me if I'll always love you the same,
And I'll say no I won't always do.
For my love for you is surely no game,
With time, increasing, won't ever be the same.

Ask me if I will be there for you,
And I will say of that, I am unsure.
For God may, anytime, take me away from you,
But I’ll still love you, and that is so true.

Ask me if I will die for you,
And you shall get a mere no.
For I want to happily live with you,
Till death shall part me and you.

Ask me if I’ll do what you ask of me,
And I’ll say, most of what you say.
For I was always the one, most important to me,
And I shall do for you, what I may have never done for me.

Ask me if you ever got me jealous,
And I’ll say no, not ever.
For I was never able to forget your trust,
Still, with all the ones I shared you, so envious.

Ask me if I’ll cry if you left,
I’ll say men don’t ever cry.
For at once the darkness would have crept,
Won’t be living, if the reason itself had left.

Ask me if I’ll love you if you ever cheated,
And I’ll say I would hate you then.
That’s what, in my heart, will always be repeated,
Yet loving you, yes! Even if you cheated.

Ask me if I will love you always,
Yes my love; I will love you always!
With passing years and months and nights and days,
No matter what, will love you always!

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