Thursday, March 31, 2011

The day we met!!

I had throbs in the heart,
But entered the place with a smile,
She looked away not noticing,
I had my eyes on her all the while.

She sat before me with all the beauty,
That the nature may had ever made,
I stared and stared and lost my senses,
Coming back to senses again, "Hi",I said.

She replied with a smile,looking at me,
And there I was lost again,
Enchanted in thoughts of hers,
Dancing with me in the rain.

It was awkward for both me and her,
To have to sit so far,
For she had promised to hold my hand,
While sitting next to her dear.

We smiled as we talked and laughed at things,
And my heart cheered up little,
I thought the fight was over,
Yet trying to figure it out,sitting very still.

It was then,that the verdict was there,
And she swore that it was over,
Assumed had I that she'll return,
As we had broken up before.

She stood up and walked around,
While my eyes couldn't help but follow,
And there I was again in my thoughts,
Holding her in the arms in a beautiful meadow.

How I wish the ride should be eternal,
When we sat so close together,
Alas! The time had come and,
We had to farewell each other.

I returned home with all the happiness,
That I had ever had,
But then it struck me hard,
And it certainly was something bad.

We had met,had talked a lot,
But we were not together again,
I touched my heart and swore to it,
No matter what, there always will be pain!

I turned around to look,
Wished her to stand there and wait,
But Natasha had gone,
I guess I was too late!!

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